Sep 14


One of the best things about Alcorn McBride is not our products.  It’s our people.  Sure lots of companies say they are good to their employees and that they are “family friendly” but at Alcorn McBride we’re a “friendly family.”  Does this make a difference?  You bet it does!  Many of the Alcorn McBride Employees have 10+ years of tenure.  We’ve watched each other’s kids grow, attended each other’s weddings, and celebrated in the births of many children.  We hang out on weekends, go to lunch together, play pranks on each other (often!) and attend kids’ birthday parties.
Yeah, we argue sometimes too.

But we’re a family and with that brings a level of care for our company and our products unlike any other in the industry.  And THAT’S the difference.


Jun 14

Our controllers know where you are!

We’re introducing a new feature for our controllers at InfoComm14 – location based control at your fingertips!  By adding iBeacons, our ShowTouch for iOS app can detect where you are and automatically bring up predetermined screens when you approach the area.

Joy Burke, the Lead Engineer on the project, tells you how to make it happen.

What is an iBeacon?

iBeacon is an indoor low-powered proximity system that can notify nearby iOS 7 devices of its presence. While many different brands of iBeacons can be supported, we recommend using Estimote beacons for your application with our Touch screen. iBeacon technology only works on iPad 2+, and iPhone 4S+, and Bluetooth must be enabled for it to work. iBeacon functionality built into iOS uses the same “location services” feature as GPS – so the arrow will appear in the menu bar of your iPad or iPhone during use. You also may be prompted to enable location services. These services must be enabled for iBeacon apps to work correctly.


May 14

We’ve increased our Product Warranty!

5yr_warrantyWe believe in taking care of our customers and standing behind our products.  Our standard two-year “no-questions-asked” warranty was already top notch.  But we’ve decided that five is better than two.

Steve says it best:

“The Alcorn McBride brand is known for rock-solid reliability and unsurpassed customer support,” says CEO Steve Alcorn.  “We’ve always had a two-year product warranty and the industry’s most customer-friendly support policies.  Now we’ve decided to increase that to an unprecedented five-year product warranty.”

“Frankly, our existing customers have always known they can expect that level of support from us, so we’ve decided to make sure the rest of the world knows, too.”

You can read our policy HERE.


Sep 13

A/V Binloop Line now with DANTE

With our business growing rapidly overseas, we have responded to the increasing use of Dante in the international market.  We released the news to the press this week:

Alcorn McBride is pleased to announce that its Binloop family of products (Digital Binloop, A/V Binloop, A/V Binloop HD) has added Dante as an option to the product line.

The Binloop is the industry standard for perfectly synchronized A/V playback.  

The products can synchronize up to 32-channels of audio (sample accurate), 16-channels of Standard-Definition video (frame-accurate), and 8-channels of HD video (frame-accurate) without any need for an external sync source or control system.  Multiple Binloop products can be combined to achieve more audio and video channels.  These scalable devices offer flexible control along with audio options for Cobranet and now Dante.


Sep 13

The Best Synchronized Video Player

by Loren Barrows with an excerpt from Scott Harkless

Alcorn McBride’s Binloops are the best synchronized A/V players on the market.  OK, that’s quite a claim, and yes, I am an Alcorn McBride employee. So saying “Alcorn McBride has the best synchronized video players on the market” may sound a little like “my son is the best football player on the team” (well, he is quite talented). “Proud parent” boasting? Yes. Marketing hype? Perhaps a little. BUT, this is a claim I can back up with sound engineering practices. And since I am not an engineer, let’s turn to an expert who is.


Jul 13

America needs more “Emilio’s”

Often companies recognize team accomplishments. Hitting sales goals, new product launches, projects coming in under budgets – they are all awesome accomplishments, worthy of celebration.  Yet, when team members achieve personal goals, my co-workers turn family and provide support and care uncommon for a “corporation.”

Yesterday, July 4th, Emilio Castaneda officially became an American Citizen.  No small task.  Most “Americans” wouldn’t be able to past the test!  Emilio runs our Test and Assembly department. He’s also the guy who helps me pack for trade shows, repairs everything broken, paints walls to make things “brighter,” and brings smiles to everyone he sees.  Whatever you need, Emilio is the first person to offer help.  America needs more “Emilio’s.” People like him make life happy.


Aug 12

Alcorn McBride Helps Las Vegas’s New Mob Museum Tell Both Sides of the Story

There are two sides to every story, as the tag line for the Mob Museum in Las Vegas reminds us, and Alcorn McBride is helping the city’s newest attraction tell the tales of both organized crime and law enforcement.  The Mob Museum is utilizing a full inventory of Alcorn McBride equipment for audio, video and show control throughout its historic 1930’s location, a former federal courthouse and post office.

The museum, which opened in February, showcases the notorious battle between organized crime and law enforcement with high-tech theater presentations, iconic artifacts – including the actual brick wall from the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre – and interactive exhibits and environments, including FBI wiretap surveillance and weapons training.  The project was designed by Ray Kent, Westlake Reed LeskoskyAVI-SPL was the primary AV integrator, with programming support by Kevin Ruud.  Ryan Markus and Nester Ramos, Mob Museum’s AV/IT staff, handle ongoing maintenance and system programming.


Jun 12

InfoComm Preview: See us at Booth C9225!

Alcorn McBride Inc. will be making headlines at InfoComm 2012 by introducing three important products, announcing a product upgrade and hosting a Manufacturer’s training session and cutting-edge technology seminar.  The company’s booth, C9225, will be located in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

In product news, TourTraXX, RideTraxx and AMI/O will make their debut at InfoComm and ShowTouch for Apple iPad will get an update.

A GPS-triggered multi-channel vehicle audio player designed for up to 16 audio tracks, TourTraXX is ideal for pre-recorded bus tours, trolleys, shuttles and trams.  It stores clips in MP3 format on CompactFlash for a rugged, reliable and maintenance-free solution to playback needs.  It is lightweight (4 lbs.), sized to fit almost anywhere and, with no moving parts, works in high-vibration environments.  Once programmed with the free and easy to use GPS Builder, TourTraXX steps through cues automatically as it moves through defined geographical zones.


Apr 12

Heading to Las Vegas for NAB

That time of year again!  Scott, Jeremy, Larry, Jim and I are heading to the NAB Show.

The show floor opens Monday at 9am.  If you are in town, please let us know.  We’ve got a few extra badges if you’d like to see us.  We are showing the SetPlayer line and MediaFlow software. 

Our focus in on Broadcast here, but show control is never far…our V16 Pro is running the Sony booth this year!


Apr 12

Alcorn McBride Manufacturer Training

We will host a free training session for our show control products in Orlando on May 4 from 9 am to 4 pm.  Seating is limited, so those interested in attending are encouraged to reserve a spot by calling Kara Camp at 407-296-5800.

The full-day training session is designed for Technicians/Programmers and will feature Intermediate level training on Alcorn McBride’s V16 Pro/V4 Pro line of controllers, WinScriptLive!, Touch and ShowTouch.

You will experience a hands-on learning environment that spans our Pro line of show controllers, WinScriptLive! and Touch interface design software.  You will gain a broad and deep understanding of how the tools work together to deliver easy to use, maintenance-free show control solutions.